Think And Do

Folklore - Good Foods

Chestnuts Protect Your Heart Protect Your Heart Lower Cholesterol Combat Cancer Control Blood Pressure
Fish Protect Your Heart Boost Memory Combat Cancer Support Immune System  
Flax Aid Digestion Protect Your Heart Improve Mental Health Battle Diabetes Boost Immune System
Garlic Lower Cholesterol Control Blood Pressure Combat Cancer Kills Bacteria Fights Fungus
Green Tea Combat Cancer Protect Your Heart Help Stop Stroke Promote Weight Loss Kill Bacteria
Hemp Seeds Excellent Source of Protein Contain Essential Fatty Acids Contain Magnesium, Iron, and Potassium Lower Cholesterol, Reduce Inflammation Increase Energy
Honey Heal Wounds Aid Digestion Guard Against Ulcers Increase Energy Fight Allergies
Kale Low calories, High Fiber, Zero Fat, High Iron, High Vitamin K, A, C, Calcium Antioxidant Anti-Inflammatory Detoxifying Fight Allergies
Oats Lower Cholesterol Combat Cancer Battle Diabetes Prevent Constipation Smooth Skin
Olive Oil Protect Your Heart Promote Weight Loss Combat Cancer Battle Diabetes Smooth Skin
Onions Reduce Risk of Heart Attack Combat Cancer Kill Bacteria Lower Cholesterol Fight Fungus
Peanuts Protect Against Heart Disease Promote Weight Loss Combat Prostate Cancer Lower Cholesterol Aggravates Diverticulitis
Rice Protect Your Heart Battle Diabetes Conquers Kidney Stones Combat Cancer Help Stop Strokes
Sardines Rich in Calcium Contain Omega-3 Fatty Acids Contain Vitamin D Rich in Proteins  
Seaweed Purify Blood Rich in Calcium Alkalize Blood Antioxidant Contain Chlorophyll
Walnuts Lower Cholesterol Combat Cancer Boost Memory Lifts Mood Protect Against Heart Disease
Wheat Germ & Wheat Bran Combat Colon Cancer Prevent Constipation Lower Cholesterol Aid Digestion Help Stop Stroke