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Folklore - Veggies

Artichokes Aid Digestion Lower Cholesterol Protect Your Heart Stabilize Blood Sugar Guard Against Liver Damage
Avocadoes Battle Diabetes Lower Cholesterol Help to Avoid Strokes Control Blood Pressure Help Smooth Skin
Beans Prevent Constipation Lower Cholesterol Help Hemorrhoids Combat Cancer Stabilize Blood Sugar
Beets Control Blood Pressure Combat Cancer Strengthen Bones Protect Your Heart Aid Weight Loss
Bell Peppers Tons of Vitamin C B6 - Regulate Metabolism Potassium Zinc Manganese - Help Prevent Osteoporosis
Broccoli Strengthen Bones Saves Eyesight Combat Cancer Control Blood Pressure Protect Your Heart
Brussels Sprouts Contain Glucosinolates - Cancer Fighters        
Cabbage Combat Cancer Prevent Constipation Promote Weight Loss Protect Your Heart Help Hemorrhoids
Carrots Good for Your Eyesight Protect Your Heart Prevent Constipation Combat Cancer Contain Antiseptic Compounds
Cauliflower Protect Against Prostate Cancer Combat Breast Cancer Strengthen Bones Guards Against Heart Disease Help Bruises Heal
Celery Contain Phthalides Natural Diuretic Contain Pheromones    
Chili Peppers Aid Digestion Clear Sinuses Soothe Sore Throat Combat Cancer Boost Immune System
Garlic Anti-Bacterial, Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol May Help Protect Against Some Cancers    
Kale Vitamins A, C, K Omega-3 Fatty Acids Quercetin - Reduce Inflammation Kaempferol  
Mushrooms Control Blood Pressure Lower Cholesterol Kill Bacteria Combat Cancer Strengthen Bones
Onions Reduce Risk of Heart Attack
Natural Blood Thinner
Combat Cancer Kill Bacteria Lower Cholesterol Fight Fungus
Sweet Potatoes Support Healthy Eyes Lift Mood Combat Cancer Strengthen Bones  
Tomatoes Protect Prostate Combat Cancer Lower Cholesterol Protect Heart