Think And Do

Tech - Children & Computers

"The Carnegie Council on Adolescent Development in 1995 released a ten-year study confirming that youngsteers are not getting enough interaction with either parents or other mentors. To some adults' surprise, kids want more. The message here, Slow down, turn off the media, and spend some time just being together for a while."

Failure to Connect, Jane M. Healy, Ph.D.

  • Have your children learn a simple programming language like LOGO.

    This will help to make the aware of the limitations of the computer, and to demonstrate to them that computers can only follow instructions.
  • Insure that your child spends plenty of time with people, both adults and other children.

  • Limit computer time to no more than one hour per day.
  • Make it clear to children that the computer is not real, that it cannot think, and that it does not have feelings.

  • Continually point out that the child is the thinker and the computer is a machine that follows instructions.

  • Build a robot from Legos. Talk with your child about what it can and cannot do.