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Word Shortcuts Excel Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts in Word


Shift F1 Show paragraph formatting
Shift F3 Change Case
F4 Repeats the last action
Shift F5 Jumps to last change in document
Ctrl F6 Move from one open document to another
F6 Toggles among panes
F8 Extend Selection Mode
  • [F8] once to turn on Extend Selection mode.
  • [F8] a second time to highlight the word where the cursor is located.
  • [F8] a third time to select the sentence that contains the word you just selected.
  • [F8] again to highlight the current paragraph.
  • [F8] one more time to select the entire document.
Pressing [F8] lets you quickly select text by pressing any letter, punctuation mark, or navigation key.

To demonstrate this feature, say you want to select all the text from the cursor to the end of the current paragraph:
Press [F8] and then hit [Enter]. Now, click anywhere in the document and type a letter.
When you do, Word will start with the location of the cursor and select the text up to and including the letter you typed.
While Extend Selection is on, you can keep typing the same character (or any other) to extend the selection.
You can also press the arrow keys to select text in any direction.
To turn the Extend Selection mode off, press [Esc] or [F8] or double-click on EXT in the status bar.
F12 Save As
Alt Shift Arrow Moves the current paragraph
Up Arrow – moves in front of the paragraph above it
Down arrow – moves past the paragraph below it.
Note: (The paragraph you're moving will never stop in the middle of another paragraph.)
Ctrl Shift K Small Caps
Ctrl Shift A All Caps - On and Off
Ctrl 1, Ctrl 2, Ctrl 5 single-space, double-space, 1.5 space
Ctrl Right Arrow Move to next word
Ctrl Left Arrow Move to previous word
Ctrl Backspace While the cursor is between words, Word will delete the preceding word.
Pressing [Ctrl][Backspace] when the insertion point marker is within a word deletes characters from the location of the insertion point marker to the beginning of that word.
Ctrl Shift Hyphen Keep a hyphenated phrase together on a line
(Note: This Is The Right Bracket)
Grow Font - Use this to increase the size of the paragraph mark ¶. Turn on Show/Hide, select the paragraph mark and hit CTRL].
Each time you hit it, the font size of the paragraph mark increases by 1
Ctrl [ Shrink font
Select Word Double click
Select Sentence Ctrl Click
Select Paragraph Triple Click
Select Table Alt Double click
Select Document Ctrl A
Text between cursor and end of line Shift End
Text between cursor and end of paragraph Ctrl Shift Down Arrow
Text between cursor and end of document Ctrl Shift End
More than area of the document Select Window Split
Click to place the split bar where you want to divide the document window.
Separate vertical scroll bars allow you to bring different portions of text into view—and you can set different view preferences for each pane (such as normal view in the top pane and page layout in the bottom).
To restore the panes to a single window, just double-click the split bar or drag it beyond the top or bottom of the window.
Ctrl Home Go to beginning of document
Ctrl End Go to end of document
Home Go to beginning of current line
End Go to end of current line
Ctrl Page Down Beginning of next page
Ctrl Page Up Beginning of previous page

Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel


F3 Opens a dialog box to paste a Named Range into a formula
Ctrl F3 Opens the Define Name dialog box
Ctrl Shift F3 Automatically creates Named Ranges from the headers for the selected table of data with row or column headers
Shift F3 Inserts an equal sign and opens the Paste Function dialog box to help you pick a formula
F6 Moves to the next pane in a split worksheet
Shift F6 Moves to the previous pane
Ctrl F6 Moves to the next workbook window
ctrl shift F6 Moves back to the last workbook window
Alt F8 Displays the Macro dialog box
Shift F10 Displays the shortcut menu that applies to where the cursor is located
Alt F11 Opens the VBA Editor or switches to it if it's already open
Ctrl Shift A Use this combination after typing a function name, and it will automatically enter the parentheses and the argument names for the function you typed
Ctrl Shift ~ Applies the General format
Ctrl Shift $ Formats the current cells as Currency
Ctrl Shift # Applies the Date format
Ctrl 1 Displays the Format Cells dialog box
Alt = Inserts the AutoSum function
Ctrl ; Inserts the current date
Ctrl ' Duplicates data from the cell above

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