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Deflect And Parry Downward, Intercept And Punch

  1. Body turns to 2:00 - shift weight to right leg
  2. As weight shifts, right fist settles back next to waist
  3. Left foot comes to Cat Stance next to right instep - body turns to 2:00
  4. Left foot - heel steps to 10:00
  5. Shift weight to left leg - body turns to 10:00
  6. Left arms sweeps toward 10:00 - palm turns upward
  7. Left arm sweeps so that it faces downward
  8. Body turns to 12:00
  9. Right fist punches forward to 12:00 - passes under left arm
  10. Finish with left palm facing inside of right elbow
  11. Weight is in left leg - body facing 12:00

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