Think And Do

Tai Chi - Play Guitar

Play Guitar

  1. Arms and right foot come inward toward body
  2. Right instep rests behind left heel - right heel is off the floor
  3. Right hand gentle, resting at body center, near groin, palm facing inward
  4. Left hand also at midline, opposite throat, palm facing inward
  5. Right heel touches floor - weight shifts back to right leg
  6. Fingers face floor
  7. Wrists and left knee lift
  8. Fingers and left toes face ceiling.
  9. Left heel rests on floor - wrists pull downward until arms are comfortably in front of body
  10. Body begins to turn to 2:00.
  11. Arms move with body - left arm moves toward throat - right arm making gentle circular motion at right side
  12. Body turns back to 12:00 - right hand completing circular motion
  13. Right palm is facing left inner elbow
  14. Feel the sensation of being deeply rooted in the left leg.