Think And Do

Tai Chi - Stork Cools Wings

Stork Cools Wings

  1. Right hand and right foot come inward toward body
  2. Right instep rests behind left heel - right heel is off the floor
  3. Right hand gentle, resting at body center, near groin
  4. Right heel touches floor - weight shifts back to right leg
  5. Ball of left foot steps to 12:00 - heel off floor - knee slightly bent
  6. Body begins to turn to 2:00.
  7. As body turns, hands pass -
    Left arm comes down, right arm goes up - left arm passes inside right
  8. As hands pass, right palm begins to turn to face the ceiling
  9. As hands pass, body turns back to 12:00
  10. Feel the sensation of being deeply rooted in the left leg, right palm pressing upward above head