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Patient Empowerment Program

Quiet the Mind, Strengthen the Spirit, Restore the Body

This is a gift from the surgeons of the New York Breast Reconstruction Alliance at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, P.C., in celebration of BRA Day USA.

We wish to thank Drs. Feingold, Israeli, Korn, and Light for their openness, acceptance, and understanding of these important tools, as well as their commitment to the success of the project. Their recognition of the value of these practices and a holistic approach to healing has enabled us to produce these meditations for your benefit. The recordings are an affirmation of the goodnes in individuals; a compilation of volunteer efforts offered to empower individuals coping with cancer. It began as an effort to help women with breast cancer, and has broadened in reach to help others facing serious health challenges.

It was born out of a desire to enable patients to carry the individual guided imagery sessions at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery into their homes.

Beginning with the generosity of a patient who experienced the benefits of their Patient Empowerment Program (PEP), this project has come to fruition.

Mollie Sugarman, Aesthetic Plastic Surgery's Clinical Director of PEP, proposed this idea to the doctors, and is most aware of how it impacts the women with whom she works. She created and leads the Guided Imagery / Visualization segments right there in the medical offices.

Helen Lein, who provided the Medtation portions, has been teaching Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation for over 25 years. In addition to holding classes, she provides, through Let's Rock and Roll for a Cure, FREE in-home wellness services for people who are undergoing cancer treatment.

Those who are familiar with Aesthetic Plastic Surgery are aware of their commitment to and focus on addressing both the physical and emotional aspects of their patients' breast cancer journeys. They are proud to participate in offering this important tool.
Randall S. Feingold, M.D. Ron Israeli, M.D.

Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, P.C.
833 Northern Boulevard Suite 160
Great Neck, NY 11021

Peter T. Korn, M.D.
This is a series of six recordings. The first is an introduction, followed by two meditations, then preparation, and two more meditations.

Please feel free to listen to all six to familiarize yourself with the content. Then, you can listen to any one that you choose, depending upon the circumstances and what your needs are at the time.

Although these meditations are designed for patients undergoing treatments, they bring significant benefits to everyone. Use them whenever you feel the need for calm, peacefulness, and hope. Move from the negative state of dis-ease to the positive state of ease.

We invite you to share this page. Healing happens inwardly, and also when we share our own healing with others.

Pay it forward. Be well.

  • Mollie Sugarman, Clinical Director,Patient Empowerment Program at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, P.C.
    For more information and resources, visit Mollie's Facebook page at Patient Empowment Program.
  • Helen Lein, Instructor-Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong, Meditation
    A special thank-you to my son Eric, for providing the original music and the audio production.
    And also, for tolerating my demanding requests. I love you very much.
Please allow a few moments for the audio files to load.
1. Intro

2. Visualization

3. Meditation

4. Preparation

5. Release

6. LovingKindness