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Yoga and Meditation

This site is for those of you who are new to Yoga and those of you who already practice.

Its purpose is to help you to achieve the most from your practice, and also to provide you with new tools and deeper insight.
Beyond Yoga practice on the mat, we will give you ideas and suggestions for applying Yoga to everyday life.
That's where the real benefit comes in.

In the practice of Yoga and Meditation, we learn the concepts of Yin and Yang.

Why Yin Yang?

This is where some fascinating and awakening information lies.
We will be discussing the Yin and the Yang energies and how we learn about them in our bodies through the practice of Yoga.

Click here to learn more about Yin and Yang and the balance of energies.

If you can, try to visit Kripalu website. Browse through all that Kripalu has to offer.

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